PIH Academy Course 5

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PIH Academy 5 certification program, led by Dr Russell Jaffe, puts personalized, functional, and integrative solutions together in a 6-module virtual course with the aim of tackling the root causes to chronic illness.

Chronic health issues precipitate from a myriad of origins, but the root causes can be narrowed down to one or more aspects of the following epigenetic phenomena:

  • Cumulative repair deficit (inflammation)
  • Oxidative damage (antioxidant deficit)
  • Metabolic acidosis (mineral deficit)
  • Neurohormonal dysregulation (distress and loss of homeostasis)

This course will include engaging lectures, QA sessions, and case presentations. It will provide you the practitioner, with clinical and practice pearls to help your clients and practice thrive.


Participate in this course to …

  • Get a thorough understanding of the root causes and epigenetic factors of chronic illness.
  • How to address these root causes and manifested clinical conditions systematically – by naturally evoking human healing responses and not just treating the symptoms.
  • Learn the importance of the burden antinutrients and toxins pose on the body and how to effectively deal with them in today’s world.
  • Implement personalized, proactive, preventive, physiology/epigenetic based solutions for achieving whole health in the 21st Century.
  • We can stop fighting disease and initiate restorative healing while achieving whole health. It is time to thrive today rather than just get by and survive.