Lifestyle Management

No – you are not the victim of your genes. But yes – you are the product of your choices.

Embracing PERQUE Integrative Health is about making proactive and healthy lifestyle choices; choices that begin with a decision to take care of your health before you are forced to take care of your sickness.

Our lifestyle management philosophy is built around identifying everyday practices, physical and mental, that work in synergy to evoke and sustain your sense of overall well-being, health and happiness. As a guide in your journey to optimal health, PIH offers you a series of innovative diagnostic tools, programs, protocols that help you and your health care professional assess your current state of health and your wellness needs.

The Alkaline Way™

We are what we Eat, Drink, Think, & Do.
This comprehensive approach draws on lifestyle to reestablish vital balance to the body.
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Moving & Being to Evoke Healing

Stress-Reducing lifestyle practices known to steady the mind and fuel positive, peaceful energy.
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Self Tests

A series of easy and inexpensive tests that you can perform on yourself at home to gauge your level of health.
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