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Don’t Just Avoid the Virus — Defeat It by Strengthening Your Immunity

Why do most people who catch the new virus have mild symptoms and some have none, while others, chiefly the old and sick, develop fatal pneumonias? Because people differ in “immune competence” — their ability to fend off and overcome infection.

A User’s Guide to Vitamin C in the Context of COVID-19

If you do get such an infection, medical evidence shows that adequate oral l-ascorbate can make your illness shorter and milder, with less chance of progressing to severe or critical pneumonia.

Why Vitamin C is relevant now

Why do most people getting the new coronavirus have mild symptoms, some none, while some get serious or fatal pneumonias? Because they differ in “immune competence” to repel or fight the infection. Boosting it would “flatten the curve” —like avoiding exposure. We need both.

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