IHS 2023

Chronic health issues precipitate from a myriad of origins but can be narrowed down to one or more aspects of cumulative repair deficit, oxidative damage and metabolic acidosis. In order to truly thrive in today’s time, we believe it is essential to address these 3 factors and thus stop fighting disease and actually initiate restorative healing. The process involves identifying key predictive tests, determining an individual’s nutrient needs, incorporating inspiring lifestyle changes, learning the importance of restorative sleep and comprehensively eliminating toxins that almost always interfere in the path of health. This presentation will stress on biological detoxification (bio detox) and nurturing the gut microbiome thereby enhancing efficiency of phases I, II and III of detoxification. An outline of an all- inclusive biological detoxification program that uses nature to detox the body will be presented. This includes essential repair nutrients like buffered ascorbate, polyphenols, methyl co factors, and sulforaphane and IP 6. In essence, presenting a case for a proactive approach to cleansing and repair.- A necessity if one is to thrive and not just survive in the 21st Century.  

Date: Feb 23, 2023

Time: 11:00 AM – 12 PM EDT

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