Why Vitamin C is relevant now

This post first appeared on The Aspen Times.

By: Amory B. Lovins

Why do most people getting the new coronavirus have mild symptoms, some none, while some get serious or fatal pneumonias? Because they differ in “immune competence” to repel or fight the infection. Boosting it would “flatten the curve” —like avoiding exposure. We need both.

We can strengthen our defensive ability by simple, universally accepted methods (but not yet urged by CDC or WHO) described in my talk “Slowing Contagion” at https://www.crowdcast.io/e/covid-19-virtual-summit/6: sleep, hydration, nutrition, exercise, calm, less alcohol, etc. See also great summaries at /2, /4, and /5.

My talk’s PDF, citing extensive references, is at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N__0lqppKnMyzYxkfHPD5NnyBOK6-FTs/view. It was strongly endorsed by distinguished ex-Navy internist and ICU head Eric Rasmussen MD MDM FACP at crowdcast.io/e/covid-19-virtual-summit/29, specifically at 30:12, 31:35, 43:25, and 47:31.

Based on that talk’s cited evidence, I just posted a lay summary (vetted by two MDs) of what kind of vitamin C, taken how much and how often, should have protective and therapeutic value: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D_7E_xVMgJk8lQ21nJH6Yy-KwjUX9Dyl/view. The best medical summary of why much medical opinion wrongly thinks vitamin C is unhelpful is by Prof. H. Hamilä (senior author of the standard Cochrane Review ) at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28353648.

It would be a great public service if standard news-media reporters read these materials, which don’t support their current reportage.

Meanwhile, I respectfully but urgently encourage us all — especially our health care workers, frontline responders, other vital workers, and at-risk groups (chiefly the old, sick, and poor) — to take better care of themselves and consider at least my guide to vitamin C. This strongest known antiviral agent, properly used, can substantially reduce risk. Hamilä shows it can prevent or moderate pneumonia. Severe cases can even need 25% less time on ventilators — like getting our hospitals one-third more ventilators.

Please boost your immunity now. We’ll all be much safer.

Amory B. Lovins