Physiology First: Course 3

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On-Demand viewing is now available with follow up Q&A videos & lectures slides, additional resources, protocols and articles.

PIH Academy 2021 puts personalized, functional, integrative care together for you in a 2-day virtual course, filled with engaging lectures and discussions, practice worthy clinical pearls and guidance from colleagues.

This 3rd year’s course focuses on key aspects of women’s health.

We follow the helpful ‘Physiology before Pharmacology’ approach in addressing people’s health across the life span while addressing the challenges and nuances involved with healthier, youthful vitality at all ages.

The agenda is crafted to meet the needs of the functional and integrative healthcare practitioner with an interest and focus on women’s health. The experts concentrate on the different aspects of health ranging from bone and hormones to digestion, detoxification, brains, joints, vessels, fascia and heart.


Participate in this course to increase your knowledge and enhance competence to…

  • Recognize 21st Century issues and challenges facing people across different ages.
  • Learn how to address clinical conditions’ causes systematically and not treat the symptom; not fighting with pathology but rather evoking human healing responses.
  • Physiology before pharmacology as the foundation for sustainable, personalized healing and wellness.
  • Receive personalized proactive predictive primary prevention practice protocols.


  • Joel Kahn, MD
  • Erika Mennerick, DC
  • Hal Blatman, MD
  • Russ Jaffe, MD, Ph.D.
  • Kevin Steele, Ph.D.
  • Robin Forman Rose, MD
  • Lyn Patrick, ND

*Earn up to 8 hours of ND and DC CE Credit.

DC Continuing Education credit for NJ and VA – approved,  TX pending. ND Continuing Education credit for all states (except OR) applied for