PIH Academy Course 4


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PIH Academy Course 4 certification program puts personalized, functional, integrative care together for you in a 6-module virtual course, filled with engaging lectures and discussions, practice worthy clinical pearls and guidance from colleagues.

The 21st century has brought with it unprecedented challenges. Environmental effects of toxins, antinutrients, and viruses have resulted in decreased life expectancy, immune, and digestive health, along with diminished soil and air quality.

  • What could be missing in your healing journey?
  • What is inhibiting your innate tendency to thrive?
  • How can we achieve optimal wellness?

These questions and more will be addressed in the PIH Academy 2022 educational sessions.

Using a ‘Physiology before Pharmacology’ approach, PIH Academy’s 4th year’s course will focus on overcoming 21st Century challenges and providing the opportunities and tools to decrease chronic illness and thrive—with healthier youthful vitality for all.

The agenda is crafted to meet the needs of the functional and integrative healthcare practitioner with an interest and focus on a robust healthspan. The experts concentrate on the different aspects of health including digestion, detoxification, bone and joint health, hormones, and the environmental influences of heavy metals and molds.


Participate in this course to increase your knowledge and enhance competence to…

  • Recognize 21st Century issues and challenges facing people of all ages.
  • Learn to address the causes of clinical conditions systematically, rather than by treating symptoms. Evoke the human healing response rather than fight with pathology.
  • Practice physiology before pharmacology as the foundation for sustainable, personalized healing and wellness.
  • Receive personalized proactive predictive primary prevention practice protocols.

Schedule Speakers/Topics

Susan Brown Ph.D / Healthy Bone 

Robin Rose DO / Gut Health and Long COVID

Mikhail Kogan MD / Healthful Longevity

Mark Su MD / Molds, Mycotoxins, and the Environment + Components of a Successful Virtual Practice

Lyn Patrick ND / Environmental Influence of Heavy Metals

Russell Jaffe MD, PhD. / Biological Detoxification for the 21st CenturyNature’s pHarmacy