Physiology First: ReThinking The Human Healing Response


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For better or worse, we are what we eat, drink, think, and do. We are more a product of our choices than of our genes. In this PIH Academy course, Dr. Russ Jaffe will lead an in-depth exploration of the “human healing response.” The human body has an extraordinary capacity for healing itself, under the right conditions. Through this 8-lecture series Dr. Jaffe will discuss core physiology first practices to evoke human healing while overcoming obstacles to recovery and, ultimately, achieving life changing health outcomes.

This course consists of 8 interactive lectures by video conference.

Lecture #1: Restorative Sleep
Lecture #2: Energy and Fatigue
Lecture #3: Environmental Risk
Lecture #4: Cardiovascular Health
Lecture #5: Cancer
Lecture #6: Relationships
Lecture #7: Eustress or Distress
Lecture #8: Recap and Q&A