Russ Jaffe MD, PhD emerges as an additional speaker for ICIM’s Flipped Classroom

To support ICIM’s Flipped Classroom, PERQUE has sponsored its founder and Functional Medicine thought-leader Dr. Russell Jaffe to review the physiology of adrenal “distress,” its tight connection with sleep and mood as well as the implications on the immune system. He will provide viewers with an actionable Physiology First approach to better stress management, restorative sleep, mood balance and healthier immune and defense repair mechanisms.

More than 80% of physician visits are related to fatigue, approximately 70 million US adults suffer from some type of sleep disorder and there are at least 80 known auto-immune diseases affecting us. Stress affects the neuro-hormonal balance in the body that in turn creates sleep and energy irregularities, mood imbalances and undue pressure on the immune system’s repairing and renewing capabilities. This leads to adverse consequences on overall health and well-being. While pharmacologic treatment options abound, there are safer and more effective alternatives.

Dr. Jaffe will explore the underlying physiology of the adrenal hormones, circadian rhythm regulation, the role of toxins and detoxification in sleep and mood and the adrenal connection with the immune system. He will recommend the “must-have” nutrients and simple diet and lifestyle changes that can evoke the individual’s healing response positively impacting stress, sleep, mood, and immune health. “The human body is capable of amazing renewal and resilience when obstacles are removed,” says physician and scientist, Russell Jaffe. “My goal in this presentation is to offer practitioners simple, actionable approaches they can implement immediately to help their patients achieve healthy hormonal balance including quality restorative sleep and practical steps they can take towards optimum immune resilience.”

Hormones are a fundamental part of physiology. A comprehensive understanding of health requires a thorough grasp on the endocrine system and the hormones that it uses to communicate. As our understanding of the physiology of hormones progresses, we are realizing that biochemical individuality requires a variety of approaches to restore physiological balance; a single approach will not work for all patients. There are a multitude of possible approaches to quantify hormones and their effects: from genetics and epigenetics to stresses on the system including direct assaults on our hormonal response by toxicants and pollutants. ICIM’s 68th Conference is dedicated to this topic: “Endocrine Ecosystem: Balanced Hormones and Reduced Toxicity for patient Health and Happiness.”

As the reality of COVID-19 became clear, ICIM made the difficult decision to postpone the “Endocrine Ecosystem” in-person conference until March 10-14, 2021. President Eric Born, DO has emphasized that ICIM is still committed to hosting in-person meetings. In the meantime, ICIM will be offering a unique way for medical professionals to earn CME credit: a virtual conference called “ICIM x Flipped Classroom,” available at

The flipped classroom concept is a pedagogical approach that allows initial learning to happen individually before a group convenes in a more interactive, generative group-learning environment. In this case, the virtual conference can be viewed either as a stand-alone learning opportunity or as preparation for a more in-depth, in-person experience in the Spring. ICIM speakers and sponsors took the time to record concise 30-60 minute lectures full of timely and relevant information that can be put into practice right away.

Although “ICIM x Flipped Classroom” is not a necessary precursor to the Spring meeting in Memphis, it can serve as a complementary learning experience. Because 100% of the virtual registration fees are also used towards in-person registration fees, this virtual conference comes at no extra cost to regular ICIM attendees.


  • 7.5 hours of CME credit
  • Exclusive access to 13 hours of video lectures – with more videos being added each month
  • Invitation to live Zoom seminars featured Q&A with ICIM speakers and breakout rooms with other attendees
  • Access to speaker and sponsor PowerPoints
  • $500 off registration to Memphis 2021 conference

Earning CME credit

After registering, attendees will be granted exclusive access to stream or download 14 lectures by ICIM speakers and sponsors. 8 of these lectures (a total of 6 hours) are CME-eligible. Attendees will be asked to fill out a simple evaluation confirming that they watched the lecture and requesting feedback on the speaker and content.

The remaining 1.5 hours of CME credit will be gained through a “webinar” live Q&A session with ICIM speakers over Zoom. Information will be sent to registrants and make-up opportunities will be available.

Current List of Available Lectures:

Joel Kahn, MD – Plants Diets: The New Intervention

Phyllis Bronson, PhD – The Molecular Basis of Aging

Carol Petersen, RPh, CNP – Urban Myths & Hormone Replacement

Jeff Dach, MD – Men Need Their Hormones, Too

Panel Discussion between Drs. Bronson, Petersen, Dach and Brownstein – The Molecular Basis of Aging

Angela Cortal, ND – It’s not just “wear and tear”: addressing hormone, inflammatory and toxic factors in degenerative joint disease

Devaki Lindsey Berkson MA DC CNS DCBN CAN – Estrogen Vindication: Estrogen & Breast Cancer

*David Brownstein – Overcoming Thyroid Disorders

*Tara Thompson, Pharm D – Hormone Restoration Therapy: Compounding Possibilities

*Russ Jaffe, MD, PhD – Stress, Hormones and Immune System: A Physiology Before Pharmacology Approach

*John Hall, PhD & Josephine Scandale – Beljanski Extracts for Cancer, Inflammation and Immune Support / Beljanski Approach to Wellness

*Michael Platt, MD – Adrenaline: The Fight or Flight Hormone

David Brownstein – The Statin Disaster

John Richardson – Integrative Medicine Overview

Lectures Coming Soon:

Alan McDaniel – Adrenal and Reverse T3

Jonathan V. Wright, MD – Body Language: Clues from the Physical Exam for Testing and Treatment

*sponsored lectures