Dr. Jaffe to be featured in Reinvent Yourself Mentor Series

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This mentor series is for leaders, influencers and high performers whose intuition is calling you to take the next big leap in your life.

21 fellow experts: doctors, spiritual leaders, business experts, financial & money experts behind companies you’ve heard of, transformation experts, relationship experts, self-love experts, entrepreneurs, professional athletes and their coaches, celebrity coaches, nutrition & health experts, and more!

These experts have achieved success at the HIGHEST LEVELS and we cover every topic from how to discover your purpose, how to navigate change from a successful career or business to a career that you are PASSIONATE about, self-love, joy, abundance, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual wellness, championship mindset, creating a healthy relationship to money, how to breakthrough the barriers that keep showing up in your life, and more!

These experts will coach and inspire you through making that big decision to trust your intuition and start creating the life you want, in a way that you create success in EVERY area of your life, not just one or two.

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