Dr. Jaffe Published in Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients 2nd Edition

PERQUE Integrative Health is excited to announce the second edition release of Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients, the bestselling textbook that puts nutrition back at the heart of medicine.

Featured in this anticipated second edition are our very own Dr. Russell Jaffe and Jayashree Mani.  Their contributions to this important text include chapters on treating gluten-related disorders and diabetes with nutrients, lifestyle, and predictive diagnostic testing.

Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients is written by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals.  With more than 50 contributing doctors, nutritionists, and medical specialists, this book uncovers the many ways you can use nutrition to treat:

° Disorders of the ears, eyes, nose, and throat

° Cardiovascular, hematologic, and pulmonary conditions

° Gastrointestinal disorders

° Endocrine and dermatologic disorders

° Kidney disorders

° Neurologic and psychiatric disorders

° Soft tissue and musculoskeletal disorders

° Reproductive health and toxicology

As a member of the PERQUE Integrative Health community, we know healthy nutrition is an important part of your practice, and so we encourage you to add this acclaimed book to your resource library.

Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients will be released in December.  If you’d like to order a copy, please go to www.crcpress.com and enter promo code FLL15 for a 20% discount.

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Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients