Them Bones, them bones, them dancing bones

By: Melissa Crispell, CNS, CNHP

While our bone stops growing longer after puberty our bone tissue doesn’t. Our bones are constantly being remodeled. If the typical remodeling half-life is 5 years that means that every 10 years, we would have a totally new skeletal frame! Before you go celebrating your new structure, let’s take a closer look.

“1 in 2 women and up to 1 in 4 men (aged 50+) will break a bone due to Osteoporosis”.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation reported (2014) that more than 54 million American adults aged 50+ are affected by osteoporosis and low bone mass. This same study projected that by 2020 (we’re almost there!) that number would increase to 64.4 million and by 2030 would increase to 71.2 million. What is causing this number to keep increasing?

There are many health problems, medical procedures, and medications that can increase the likelihood of osteoporosis. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Ankylosing Spondylitis, gastrointestinal bypass procedures, Methotrexate, Lithium, Tamoxifen, excessive use of thyroid hormones. The list is long! Our own food choices and habits play a role in this too.

It is not new information that bone responds to an acid load by dissolving its basic buffering minerals. Buffering salts such as potassium, sodium, zinc, and other minerals are stored in the bone but are lost when in a constant state of excessive acidosis. Both the soil and the water are so mineral deficient that our food supply is not as nutritious as it once was. Depletion of bone tissue and chronic illness can be attributed to being in a state of chronic metabolic acidosis. This all translates to supplementation and non-GMO foods being a non-negotiable.

“We are what we eat, drink, think, and do!”

Now, more than ever, we know that modern diet/lifestyle choices will contribute to (if not determine) our overall health and well-being. This excessive acid load is a result of:
1) Dietary choices: excess protein, fat, phosphate/phosphoric acid, and sulfate/sulfuric acid.
2) Poor stress responses: distress induced excess cortisol and adrenaline
3) Food & Chemical sensitivities (learn more here)

We’ve identified the problems now let’s focus on some solutions!

At PERQUE Integrative Health our mission is to: Accelerate the transition from treating symptoms to identifying and addressing causes of ill health. This achieves wellbeing for us and our clients through unique integrative systems, education, innovative science, and superior products.

The body can handle moderate amounts of acidifying foods – the problem is the excessive intake of fats, sugars, and protein. The body will start to pull the alkalinizing minerals from the reserves, depleting itself and leaving the efficiency of the cells and tissues considerably decreased. Using the PERQUE pH self-test kit to measure the body’s mineral reserves and its acid/alkaline state is an excellent clinical assessment of what is going on in the cells. The goal range is 6.5-7.5. When the 1st morning urine is below 6.5, it is a sign of net acid excess production or the need for more alkalinizing minerals.

Start with reducing the extra acids that fat, simple sugars, and protein cause when metabolized. Use this acid/alkaline food chart to choose foods that create an alkalinizing affect in your body. During periods of repair choose an 80/20 balance and 60/40 for a maintenance phase.

Having your food & chemical sensitivities identified by the LRA by ELISA/ACT test will help to improve immune function and reduce the acidic load. Avoiding the triggers of the immune system, detoxification, repair, and replete with targeted supplements are the key strategies of our Well Guard System.

Because we are what we eat, drink, think, and do these acidifying elements have to be neutralized. Minerals that buffer your cells are primarily magnesium and potassium. PERQUE’s patented team of Mg Plus Guard and Choline Citrate together support healthy blood pressure and blood sugar levels while blocking calcium depletion in the bone and body. Also strengthening cell communication, nerve impulses and liver bile detox. PERQUE Mg Plus Guard is formulated with three of the most bioavailable magnesium forms to enhance functional benefits. For a comprehensive mineral complex that is designed to rebuild bones and protect against bone mineral depletion try PERQUE Bone Guard Forte. All the benefits of four forms of fully soluble calcium and magnesium plus boron, D3, and zinc! These alkalinizing minerals activate and neutralize metabolic acid for healthier bone. Healthcare practitioners feel free to request samples here.