Bitter Sweet Chocolate!

Toxic metals like lead and cadmium have no place in foods yet we see plenty published research showing high levels of these and other toxic metals in what we eat.  A recent California research conducted on >40 types of chocolate showed that 60% of them had lead or cadmium or both!

Does your favorite chocolate have high levels of lead and cadmium?  Click here to find out.


These amino acid based proteins in the body help in eliminating toxins that we absorb on a daily basis. Increasing their production can enhance the body’s detoxifying potential. When ascorbate, magnesium and polyphenolics are high, metallothionein soaks up and chaperones the toxic minerals out of the body efficiently. When these nutrients are low, especially in those with a weakened immune system or a chronic illness, cells shift to survival mode from elective protective mode – metallothionein production is down regulated and toxic minerals become biohazards.

PERQUE can help. Use PERQUE Potent C Guard (buffered ascorbate), along with PERQUE Mg Plus Guard + PERQUE Choline Citrate and PERQUE Repair Guard to supercharge the body and eliminate harmful toxins.  For complete body detox, ask us about our Detox protocol.