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Episode #3: Dr. Erik Peper

In this Doc Talk edition, Dr. Jaffe, (owner and founder of PERQUE Integrative Health) is in conversation with Dr. Erik Peper, Professor of holistic health studies at San Francisco State University and an international authority on biofeedback and stress management. Dr. Peper sheds light on how to deal with today’s epidemic of “tech-stress” life, and provides useful insight on the following:

  • Neck, shoulder discomfort and eye discomfort at the computer
  • Zoom exhaustion
  • Good Posture validity
  • Importance of breathing
  • Restorative sleep


Dr. Russell Jaffe

Russ Jaffe is Founder and Chairman of PERQUE Integrative Health, LLC (PIH,, a company that offers the world scientifically proven, integrative health solutions to speed the transition from sick care to healthful caring. 

Dr. Russell Jaffe has more than 40 years of experience contributing to molecular biology and clinical diagnostics. His focus is on functional, predictive tests and procedures designed to improve the precision of both diagnosis and of treatment outcomes and he has authored nearly 100 articles on the subject.

Dr. Erik Peper

Dr. Erik Peper is an international authority on biofeedback and self-regulation. He is Professor of Holistic Health Studies / Department of Health Education at San Francisco State University. He is President of the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe and past President of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. He publishes the blog the Peper Perspective – ideas on illness, health and well-being ( He is a recognized expert on holistic health, stress management and workplace health and has been featured on and in GQ, Glamour, Men’s Health, Shape, Women’s Health, etc.

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